History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

14 December, 2014

Australian Soldiers Playing in the Snow

Though it certainly does snow in Australia, and the country even has ski hills, the majority of Australians don't grow up with snow. Particularly in the days before long-distance travel was commonplace, a lot of Australians never even saw snow. So when Australian soldiers were posted abroad to places like Northern Europe, Canada, and Korea, they tended to have an awful lot of fun with it. 

Snowball-armed soldiers and their prizewinning kangaroo snowman at a Convalescent Camp in England, 1917. Source

Australian soldiers having a snowball fight at a camp in southern England, 1916. Source

Nurses and convalescent Australian soldiers have a snowball fight at a hospital in southern England, WWI. Source

Australian soldiers make a snowman in Seoul, Korea, 1950. Source

Soldiers play leapfrog in the snow (and what looks like snowball catch), Belgium, 1919. Source

Men of the Royal Australian Air Force in a snowball fight on an English air base, 1942. Source

Soldiers sledding down a snowy road, Belgium, 1919. Source

A snowball fight including an Australian Major-General, Belgium, 1919. Source

RAAF men with their snowman in Canada, ca. 1942. Source

RAAF men posing with snowballs in Cyprus, 1953. Source

Soliders in a snowball fight in Belgium, 1919. Source

Soldiers throw snowballs at a pal in a tree, Belgium, 1919. Source

Convalescent soldiers pull a nurse on a sled at a hospital in southern England (with another fellow behind waiting with snowballs). Source

Soldiers with their snowman in Korea, 1956. Source

Convalescent soldiers and their snowman of Kaiser Wilhem II, at a camp in England, 1917. Source

Australian cavalry having a snowball fight among the cedars in Lebanon, 1919. Source

RAAF men, their snowman, and the classic "dump snow on someone's neck right before the shutter," Korea, 1951. Source

Another kangaroo snowman, WWI. Source

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