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07 April, 2014

Wartime Tea Breaks

When I first posted on soldiers drinking tea ("Tea, the Soldier's Drink"), I noted that this theme was so common in British wartime photographs that it would need two parts. Finally, almost two years later, here is that part two!

© IWM (NA 11770)

A British and an American soldier share tea in a dugout in Anzio, Italy, 1944. Source

© IWM (MH 32677)

British and Australian officers have an end of the day cup of tea in Korea, 1950-1953. Source

© IWM (NA 14569)

Soldiers get tea from a YMCA tea car, Anzio, Italy, 1944. Source

© IWM (SE 3302)

A Burmese family share tea with a British soldier (somewhat uncomfortably), Burma, 1945. Source

© IWM (Q 2085)

British officers in the reserve line have tea, WWI. Source

© IWM (B 10585)

A padre gives a cup of tea to a wounded soldier at a Casualty Clearing Station, NW Europe, 1944. Source

© IWM (E 3295)

Troops evacuated from Crete being served tea at an Egyptian port, 1941. Source


A morning tea break for Scottish soldiers, late 1930s. Source

© IWM (SE 3335)

A gun crew have a cup of tea and a game of cards during a break, Burma, 1945. Source

© IWM (BU 8974)

British soldiers queue for tea at a mobile canteen in Berlin, in front of the damaged Brandenburg Gate, 1945-46. Source

© IWM (H 8460)

Women serve tea to a tank crew in Armagh, Northern Ireland, 1941. Source

© IWM (E 2307)

New Zealander troops pause for tea in North Africa, 1941. Source

© IWM (A 348)

Tea and a cigarette during nighttime exercises aboard a British naval ship, WW2. Source

© IWM (H 1630)

Evacuated troops receive tea at a London train station, 1940. Source

© IWM (CH 4110)

British pilots (and an American one, centre, looking awkward) enjoy a cup of tea from an American-funded canteen, 1941. Source

© IWM (H 1632)

Troops evacuated from Dunkirk get tea at a London train station, 1940. Source

© IWM (MH 30689)

American and British aircrew take a tea break at a hangar in Berlin, 1948-1949. Source

© IWM (Q 32741)

Lorry drivers take a tea break by the road, ca. 1917. Source

© IWM (D 11805)

This drink is probably coffee, but still. Stetsoned Texan technicians in Northern England, 1942. Source

© IWM (H 39254)

A wounded soldier with his cup of tea aboard a hospital train, Normandy, 1944. Source

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