History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

20 April, 2014

Exhibition: Curious Anarchy

In my day job I'm a master's student of Photographic Preservation and Collections Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada (though I generally change that full title to a simple "degree in Working With Photographs."). My master's class has been working on the creation of an exhibition of photographs (entitled Curious Anarchy) from the private collection of a local curator, and it's amazing. A crazy variety of really, really cool stuff. 

While the exhibition itself, of course, is in Toronto, my group and I have worked on a website containing images of all the images included, plus lots more from the collection, so it can be explored by people all over the world (like you folks!). There's also a blog, which I've (unsurprisingly) been in charge of. New posts are going to be coming out from next week all through May (the month of the exhibition), talking more about various objects from the collection. I'm writing about half myself, with the rest written by my very interesting, intelligent, and wonderful colleagues. I'm also the boss of the exhibition's Twitter and Facebook, which feature great objects from the collection on a regular basis. So really the conclusion is inescapable-- if you like The Passion of Former Days, you will like Curious Anarchy!!

Have a look, and have fun!

Laura Margaret Ramsey, 2014

Curious Anarchy


Chris Wild said...

Dear Anna

I'd like to contact you about the comments you posted about Retronaut on the recent Guardian article. Do you have an email address?

I've looked on your site and can't see a contact form or page

Thank you
Chris Wild
CEO, Retronaut

Unknown said...

Dear Anna,

I have an appropriation assignment in my 2D design class, and was wondering if I could your Pittsburgh visible-writing machine picture. I will painting it and appropriating another object in place of the typewriter, so there won't be any copy/paste. I just wanted to ask permission to use your image. I would've emailed you but I couldn't find an email for you on your page.


Rachel Simmons

Anna said...

So it is clearly time to me to add a "contact me"! (for the record, I did contact the above poster elsewhere!) I will do that once this week ends...

Hi Rachel-- I have to confess I'm not sure what picture you're referring to (though I'm usually quite good at that), but I can probably answer anyway. All but a few of these images aren't mine, they are in the collections of the institutions noted. I use them only when they are a) marked as public domain (out of copyright) or b) marked as available to use for non-commercial purposes such as this blog. So your image is almost certainly fine to use for your purpose if you aren't publishing it or anything. All of my captions have a link to the original source of the image, and you can check and see what that particular institution's policy is-- if you link me to the post it's in I'd be happy to let you know myself, I know the policies of most of my sources offhand.

Thank you for writing to ask, though! If it was my image (or if it is but somehow I'm forgetting it) I'd be happy to share, your project sounds neat! And I if I can help you figure out where the permission is, do let me know!



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