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01 March, 2014

Wartime Pets Part Five

I feel I've said everything I have to say on the topic in the last four posts from this series; essentially, I absolutely adore photographs depicting men (and sometimes women) at war with the pets and mascots that were more common than we realize. I feel it is so humanizing and so touching--tender moments in difficult times. 

Walter Sanders, LIFE © Time Inc.

A sergeant holding the puppy mascot of the 36th jet fighter group, Germany, 1948. Source

Library and Archives Canada

Nanny, the pet goat of a Canadian Mobile Veterinary Section, takes a cigarette from an officer, 1917. Source

© IWM (TR 2145)

One of the RAF's top aces in WW2, Johnny Johnson, with his pet lab Sally, 1944. Source

A Canadian nurse giving cream to her puppy Nero, 1918. Source

Library and Archives Canada

A Canadian soldier giving his dog a bath, 1918. Source

© IWM (A 6410)

Sailors regarding the ship's cat Convoy asleep in a little hammock, 1941. Source

 © IWM (C 1746)

An airman aboard a troopship smiles with the ship's magpie mascot perched atop his hat, WW2. Source

Library and Archives Canada

Lt.-Col. John McCrae (author of 'In Flanders Fields") with his dog Bonneau, about 1914. Source

Deseronto Archives

A dog in a flying helmet in an aeroplane's rear seat with a cat on the wing above the cockpit at an RFC training camp in Ontario, WWI. Source

© IWM (Q 1368)

The goat mascot of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers wearing a hat or helmet, 1916. Source

© IWM (E 9068)

A soldier's dog watches over his master's things while he takes a shower provided by a mobile bath unit, North Africa, 1942. Source

National Library of Scotland

A soldier with a monkey mascot atop a captured trench mortar, WWI. Source

Larry Burrows, LIFE © Time Inc.

American soldier holding a dog during a siege in Vietnam, 1968. Source

Library and Archives Canada

The mascot of a Casualty Clearing Station, 1916. Source

Howard Sochurek, LIFE © Time Inc.

A little puppy mascot of French forces in Vietnam, 1953. Source

National Library of New Zealand

A sailor kissing a wallaby aboard a ship, no date. Source

© IWM (C 102)

Soldiers surround the elabourate doghouse they made for squadron mascot Bully, 1939. Source

Library and Archives Canada

The goat kid mascot of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Battalion, 1916. Source

© IWM (H 12756)

Winston Churchill stops Blackie, the cat mascot of the HMS Prince of Wales, from boarding an American destroyer during the playing of the National Anthem, 1941. Source

© IWM (A 29792)

An officer kisses his pet cockatoo, Percy, while carrying a kit bag and suitcase during a move, 1945. Source

More wartime pets:

(Part Six probably won't be too far off-- in trying to re-find the source of one of these photos, I found a whole heap more, to add to the ones I already have waiting!)

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