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01 February, 2014

Spitfires, in Colour

This blog has seen a number of striking photographs depicting the Spitfire; today, more great photographs of the iconic Second World War plane--this time, in full colour!

© IWM (COL 189)

A Spitfire in flight over England, 1939-1945. Source

© IWM (COL 190)

Three Spitfires flying in formation over Essex, 1939-1945. Source

© IWM (TR 823)

Spitfires of the Royal Canadian Air Force in Tunisia, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 872)

An RCAF Spitfire pilot preparing for take-off, Tunisia, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 865)

Royal Canadian Air Force Spitfires flying over the Tunisian desert, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 23)

Start-up of a Spitfire named 'The Flying Scotsman', paid for by donations from LNER personnel ('The Flying Scotsman,', of course, being the name of a well-known train, at the time run by LNER). England, 1942. Source

© IWM (TR 1009)

A crashed RCAF Spitfire being dismembered for parts, Tunisia, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 1033)

A Spitfire pilot of the South African air force conferring with his Number 2, Tunisia, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 1536)

RAF Spitfires flying past Mount Vesuvius, Italy, 1944. Source

© IWM (TR 1069)

The personal Spitfire of Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, Commanding Air Officer of Malta, as he prepares for a ceremonial take-off to inaugurate Malta's new aerodrome at Safi, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 745)

And.... take-off! Source

© IWM (COL 191)

Re-fueling and bullet-replenishing of a Spitfire, England, 1939-1945. Source

© IWM (COL 192)

RAF pilots in front of a Spitfire, England, 1939-1945. Source

© IWM (TR 857)

RAF Spitfires banking over Tunisia during a sortie, 1943. Source

© IWM (TR 139)

A Spitfire in flight over the English coast. Source

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