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02 January, 2014

Posters, Photographed

While I love looking at old posters reproduced or displayed individually, this kind of presentation is often vastly different from the posters' original context. I always find it fascinating to see photographs of posters in situ, to see the places they were posted and the other posters they were displayed with (almost always many others, or repeats of the same). This blog has already had posts of wartime posters on the street and two editions of London Transport posters; today, a variety. 

National Library of Ireland

Ireland, ca. 1898. Source

Berenice Abbott, New York Public Library

Film posters outside a cinema in New York City, 1936. Source

Yale Joel, LIFE © Time Inc.

This only comes with the general subject heading "Posters - Greyhound Bus Poster - New York". Presumably 1960s. Source

Tony Linck, LIFE © Time Inc.

Advertising and political posters in Dublin, 1948. Source

David Linck, LIFE © Time Inc.

A wall of political posters, Dublin, 1948. Source

George Lacks, LIFE © Time Inc.

Chinese men looking at posters posted by USIS, 1946. Source

William Vandivert, LIFE © Time Inc.

Newspaper posters outside a news shop in Dublin, 1940. Source

David E. Scherman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Posters advertising the nature freak show at the New York World's Fair, 1939. Source

Eugene Atget, George Eastman House

Posters on an old Paris street, 1907. Source

Yale Joel, LIFE © Time Inc.

Another "Greyhound Bus Poster" one. Source

David E. Scherman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Posters advertising plays, Dublin, 1943. Source

Library of Congress

Suffragettes posting bills over movie posters, 1911. Source

Library of Congress

Wartime posters in a rural school, Texas, 1943. Source

Musee McCord Museum

A (possibly recruiting) exhibition full of wartime posters, Montreal, 1916-1917. Source

National Library of Ireland

Posters at Blossom Gate, Kilmallock, Ireland, 1909. Source

National Library of Ireland

A wall of advertising posters behind a procession, Dublin, 1929. Source

John Philips, LIFE © Time Inc.

Political posters surronding the balcony from which Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia in 1940, Italy, 1946. Source

Nat Farbman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Posters calling for Natal Indians to resist passively to segregation laws, South Africa, 1946.  Source

National Library of Scotland

A tenement building covered in posters, Edinburgh, 1929. Source

Mark Kauffman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Posters advertising a jazz festival, Warsaw, 1958. Source


Ana said...

I'd love to visit those places with Greyhound Bus posters :D

Anonymous said...

very cool photos!

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