History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

07 December, 2013

Snowmen of Former Days

Whatever time period they live in, people are pretty predictable. Whenever it snows, the first thing they do is have a snowball fight. The second thing is make a snowman. 

Today, over a century of those snowmen! 

State Library and Archives Florida

Students at Florida State University, Tallahassee, pose around their snowman, 1958. Source

Library of Congress

Snowman stereo, ca. 1888. Source

National Library of Wales

A snowman in 1853 (salt paper print). Source

© IWM (A 2770)

A snowman aboard the HMS Kelvin, WW2. Source

Centre for Jewish History, NYC

A little girl frightened of a snowman (or snow creature), about 1934, Jerusalem. Source

Library of Congress

A big snowman and a little snowman, Norwich, Connecticut, 1940. Source

Library of Congress

American children building a snowman in Lebanon, 1946. Source

Myron Davis, LIFE © Time Inc

Harold E. Stassen building a snowman with his daughter, US, 1945. Source

National Library of Wales

Australian children in the snow at Pen-y-groes, Arfon, Wales, 1962.  Source

© IWM (NA 21347)

British gunners build a snowman in Italy, 1945. Source

State Library and Archives Florida

A snowman at the fire station in Tallahassee, Florida, 1958. Source

G. W. Herold, LIFE © Time Inc

Soldiers offering cigarettes and a coke to their well-endowed snow(wo)man, 1945. Source

Library of Congress

A photograph titled, "What it takes to melt a snowman this lady has." 1924. Source

The Library of Virginia

Girls painting their snowman, Virginia, 1958. Source

Library of Congress

A snowman at a school in  North Dakota, 1942. Source

Bibliotheque de Toulouse

Children with a snowman, Germany, early 20th C. Source

Nationaal Archief

Snow verions of the queen and princess of the Netherlands (and their dog), 1913. Source

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