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28 November, 2013

Strange Photos from the LIFE Archives

In all the poking through the online archives of LIFE magazine that I've done for this blog, I sometimes come across photos that are just plain weird. Sometimes they make more sense with the caption; sometimes they make less. 

Francis Miller, LIFE © Time Inc.

 A man carrying a giant pickle to the top of a radio tower. Of course. 1949. Source

Wallace Kirkland, LIFE © Time Inc.

The winners of a Chiropractic Beauty Contest, with their winning x-rays, 1956.  Source

Peter Stackpole, LIFE © Time Inc.

A raven smoking a pipe, 1939. Source

Peter Stackpole, LIFE © Time Inc. 

And a raven looking up a phone number for another raven, who dials it. 1939. Source

Gjon Mili, LIFE © Time Inc.

A group of artists and musicians wearing what are captioned as "masks" in the home of sculptor Alexander Calder, 1959. Source

George Silk, LIFE © Time Inc.

A radio personality interviewing a moose (and his trainer), 1948. Source

Sam Shere, LIFE © Time Inc.

The caption is "zany radio performer testing the spaghetti trick." Well that explains it. 1946.  Source

Peter Stackpole, LIFE © Time Inc.

A porcupine and squirrel wearing leashes, 1939. Source

Lynn Pelham, LIFE © Time Inc.

An upside-down house, 1960. Source

Marie Hansen, LIFE © Time Inc.

A birthday cake for a dog attending the "dog fashion show." 1946. Source

Andreas Feininger, LIFE © Time Inc.  

Demonstration of the strength of plastic sheeting, 1954. Source

Margaret Bourke-White, LIFE © Time Inc.

Speaking of wrapping things in plastic... (American Museum of Natural History, 1938.) Source

Ralph Crane, LIFE © Time Inc.

Captioned simply, "Seattle World's Fair." 1962. Source

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Ana said...

These put a smile on my face - thank you ^_^ !

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