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14 July, 2013

Colour Photographs of Paris, 1939

Just in time for Bastille Day, fantastic colour photographs of Paris taken in July 1939, not even two months before the outbreak of World War Two. By William Vandivert, for LIFE. 

You'll notice the colours have survived better in some than others... without seeing what the actual objects are it's impossible to know, but I suspect some were taken on Kodachrome film (the ones with better colour--Kodachrome lasts better than any other colour film) and the others on a different film (though still a Kodak one-- in just one of the images, you can see text on the right labelling it as Kodak!). 

William Vandivert, LIFE © Time Inc.

Advertising posters on the Rue de Courcelles. Source

William Vandivert, LIFE © Time Inc.

Rooftops of the city. Source

William Vandivert, LIFE © Time Inc.

A street in Montmarte. Source
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