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14 February, 2013

Love and LIFE

Kisses from the LIFE archives for Valentine's Day. 

Ed Clark, LIFE © Time Inc.

Actress Ava Gardner kisses a man, North Carolina, 1949. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE  © Time Inc.

A couple kissing in side Sammy's Bowery Follies, NYC, 1942. Source

Eliot Elisofon, LIFE © Time Inc.

Sailor kissing a girl at a Navy luau, Hawaii, 1945. Source

 Frank Scherschel, LIFE © Time Inc.

A couple at a kissing booth during a fair at the University of Wisconsin, 1946. Source

Allan Grant, LIFE  © Time Inc.

An officer kisses his date at a nightclub, NYC, 1945. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

Associated caption: "Couple kissing in front of the Delta Tau Delta mummy at the University of the South. Girls are told: 'Kiss mummy or kiss me.' " Sewanee, TN, 1940. Source

Stan Wayman, LIFE © Time Inc.

A couple in the Netherlands, 1961. Source

Lisa Larsen, LIFE © Time Inc.

Actress Helen Hayes kisses a man at a party, 1955. Source

 LIFE © Time Inc.

A kiss between model Donyale Luna and her fiance George Willings, wearing identical coats and sunglasses, Sydney, 1967.  Source

LIFE © Time Inc.

Director Roger Vadim kisses his wife, actress Annette Stroyberg, while filming "Les Liasons Dangeureuses," 1959. Source

Loomis Dean, LIFE © Time Inc.

Albert Camus kisses actress Dominique Blanchar after rehearsal of one of his plays, Paris, 1957. Source

Ralph Morse, LIFE © Time Inc.

An American soldier kissing a French girl on the hood of a truck, Chartes, 1944. Source

Robert W. Kelley, LIFE Time Inc.

Elvis kisses the cheek of a fan who won the chance to meet him, 1956. Source

Leonard Mccombe, LIFE © Time Inc.
Horst Haechler kissing his wife, actress Maria Schell on an MGM backlot, Hollywood, 1957.  Source

Gjon Mili, LIFE © Time Inc.

 Violinist Alexander Schneider kisses his wife shortly after their wedding, at a party in Gjon Mili's studio, NYC, 1960. Source

Ralph Morse, LIFE © Time Inc.

Newlyweds kiss, US, 1953. Source

Bill Eppridge, LIFE © Time Inc.

A couple kissing at Woodstock, 1969. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

A kiss at Monticello Jr. College during commencement, Illinois, 1946. Source

Bill Ray, LIFE © Time Inc.

College students kiss, Oberlin College, Ohio, 1970. Source

Allan Grant, LIFE © Time Inc.

Actor Russ Tamblyn (Riff in West Side Story) kisses actress Venetia Stevenson on a swingset, 1955. Source


Helena Drive said...

Awwww! This is so lovely! Thanks for share, honey!

Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
Helena Drive

Unknown said...

This is a lovely post indeed! The only picture I'd kind of not put in the passion bracet is the one titled "Helen Hayes kissing a man at a party", because the man is actually her son, James MacArthur...
Here's another picture from the same night - at least she has the same dress: http://jnpickens.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/charles-helen-james.jpg

Anna said...

Haha, thanks for catching that, Karin! I might transfer that image to a different post with a more general view of love... :)

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