History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

29 December, 2012

Mirror Images

Quite simply, photographs of people looking in mirrors.

Sam Hood, State Library of New South Wales

Film star Helen Twelvetrees with a mirror, Sydney, 1936. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

A mother applies make-up while her daughter watches, Oklahoma, 1947. Source

William Gottlieb; Library of Congress

Cab Calloway combs his hair, NYC, c. 1947. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

A model looks in a mirror for a fashion/hair shoot, undated (40s-50s). Source

Eliot Elisofon, LIFE © Time Inc.

Katherine Hepburn arranges her costume from a mirror in the jungle on set for the African Queen, 1951. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE archives © Time Inc.

An English boy fixes his tie at the Grand Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1931. Source

William C. Shrout, LIFE © Time Inc.

A woman uses a sink and mirror built into a corner behind double doors, US, 1945. Source

John Dominis, LIFE © Time Inc.

Frank Sinatra shaving, 1965. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

Josephine Baker has her hair done before a show on a US tour, 1951. Source

Alfred Eisensaedt, LIFE archive, © Time Inc.

Dancers at the Truempy Dance School look at themselves in a mirror, Berlin, 1930. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

An MGM dancer paints a portrait of herself from a mirror, Hollywood, 1949. Source

W. Eugene Smith, LIFE © Time Inc.

Charlie Chaplin puts on make-up for his 81st film, "Limelight", 1952. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

A man tries on hats, Dallas, 1945. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

Actress Hanna Schygulla applies make-up in a hand mirror, Munich, 1980. Source

University of Washington Libraries

A woman trying on a hat, Washington State, c. 1913. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

A college girl looks into a mirror adorned with photographs of her husband, US, 1945. Source

Reykjavik Museum of Photography

I have no idea what's going on here; the caption is only in Icelandic! "Tvær stúlkur á hárgreiðslustofu, Reykjavík, um 1930."  Source

William Gottlieb, Library of Congress

Billie Holiday, NYC, 1946. Source

Walter Sanders, LIFE © Time Inc.

Lucille Ball lounging in front of her dressing room mirror, 1943. Source

Gjon Mili, LIFE © Time Inc.

A mirror view of the hands of pianist Josef Hofmann, NYC, 1941. Source

Library of Congress

Anna Pavlova, c. 1910. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE archive © Time Inc.

A fashionable woman regards herself in a mirror of the Molyneux atelier, Paris, 1934. Source


Ana said...

My faithful friend, Google Translate, says: Tvær stúlkur á hárgreiðslustofu, Reykjavík, um 1930. - Two girls in a beauty salon, aroun 1930.

Joan Baker said...

In interior designing, mirrors create an imitation of space. That's why many designers and decorators are using the piece to help maximize the space in a specific room or space. But in here, I think, the mirror was use to give emphasis on a person or a situation. It does give value to every single piece in here, I just love the dramatic feel of it.

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