History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

10 September, 2012

Letters From Home

Soldiers reading and writing home, from World War One to Korea.

© IWM (B 15363)

A British soldier reads a letter in his dugout, Germany, 1945. Source

© IWM (BF 522)

A soldier writes a letter home from Korea, 1951-53. Source

LIFE/© Time Inc.

American soldiers read letters (and make fudge!) during a quiet moment, Italy, 1944. Source

© IWM (D 10966)

A letter from home for an Indian seaman recovering in hospital after a convoy attack, UK, 1942. Source

National Library of Australia

Men in a dugout read letters from home, unknown location, WWI. Source

 © IWM (MH 33021)

A soldier reads a letter in hospital, Korea, c. 1950. Source

© IWM (NA 285)

A tank crew reading letters, Tunisia, 1942. Source

© IWM (BU 3620)

A soldier writes a letter home from his tank turret, NW Europe, 1945. Source

 © IWM (O 53)

Soldiers write letters home from their billet in France, 1939. Source

© IWM (C 242)

Newly arrived Australian airmen read letters from home, UK, WW2. Source

© IWM (D 21456)

A British seaman writes a letter home from in hospital, UK, 1944. Source

© IWM (CI 673)

A member of an RAF anti-aircraft gunner crew reads a letter from home, India, WW2. Source

National Library of Scotland

Soldiers rest and read letters in a captured German dugout, WWI. Source

© IWM (D 6398)

A man of the British Honduras Forestry Unit, UK, 1941. Source

© IWM (MH 31506)

Members of the King's Own Scottish borderes get mail from home, Korea, 1951-52. Source

© IWM (TR 1521)

A British soldier reads a letter in Italy, 1944. Source

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos - and welcome back. I missed your blog. But what the heck is the British Honduras Forestry Unit???

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