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10 July, 2012

Life in a London Hospital

A series of photographs capturing the experiences of workers and patients at a busy hospital in London, 1941.

From the Imperial War Museum.  

© IWM (D 2312)

Stretcher bearers carry a casualty into the hospital, while a 'tally man' (usually a student doctor) assigns a number. Source

© IWM (D 2322)

A view of the hospital reception ward, with a doctor in the foreground preparing to take a x-ray with a mobile machine. Source

© IWM (D 2317)

A doctor and nurse tend to a patient, while an almoner takes personal details. Source

 © IWM (D 2325)

A nurse lays a blanket over a heated frame to quickly warm a patient. Source

© IWM (D 2328)

A view of the busy operating theatre. Source

© IWM (D 2324)

A nurse collects a tray with blood and plasma transfusion equipment. Source

© IWM (D 2333)

Porters transport a patient through hospital corridors. Source

© IWM (D 2330)

Doctors examine an x-ray during an operation. Source

© IWM (D 2314)

A tally man takes details about a casualty from a policeman. Source

© IWM (D 2321)

A forehead marked 'M' indicates the patient has received a dose of morphine prior to arrival. Source

© IWM (D 2315)

Stretcher cases are rushed to the surgery, where nurses and doctors attend to them. Source

© IWM (D 2329)

To save time, patients are prepared for surgery and anaesthetized behind a screen in the corner of the operating theatre. Source

© IWM (D 2335)

A nurse gathers the belongings of a patient. Source

© IWM (D 2342)

Porters bring a patient down a staircase-- a temporary one, as the original was destroyed in an air raid. Source

 © IWM (D 2343)

Porters slide a patient down a ramp alongside the stairway, intended for those whose injuries may be worsened by the jolting of the stairs. Source

© IWM (D 2340)

A nurse gives American donated clothing to a patient whose belongings were destroyed in an air raid. Source

© IWM (D 2323)

Nurses x-ray a patient with a mobile machine. Source

 © IWM (D 2334)

A ward in the early morning. Source

 © IWM (D 2326)

Patients only 'slightly injured' settle down for the night in a waiting area. Source

 © IWM (D 2336)

Nurses get well-earned cups of tea from canteen workers. Source

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Unknown said...

The main hospital building Autoclave can be accessed from Whitechapel Road or Stepney Way. The two main receptions are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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