History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

11 May, 2012

At the Station

Train stations and the people in them. 

The beautiful and dearly missed Penn Station, NYC, 1962. Source

At a Dutch train station, undated. Source

Uncaptioned. Source

Princess Margaret is greeted on her return to London after holidays in Scotland, 1955. Source

The last train to depart from Harcourt Street Station, Dublin, 1958. Source

A unnamed train station without a date. Source

Fourth of July crowds at Penn Station, NYC, 1946. Source

A girl on a bench at a station, 1943. Source

A busy Waterloo station, London, 1947. Source

Tilly Foster train station, New York, 1894. Source

Interior of a London train station (if you recognize which one, do please comment!), 1930. Source

A man holding a little one in a London station, 1947. Source

People waiting at a Denver station, 1945. Source

A rocket in Grand Central Station, unfortunately undated. Source

A Petticoat Junction station at Panama City Beach, Florida, 1967. Source

Paddington station crowded with people evacuating London ahead of rocket attacks, 1944. Source

A sea of hats disembarking from a train, undated. Source

A railroad station in Stuttgart, 1949. Source

Refugees at a Berlin train station, 1953. Source

Uncaptioned. Source

A train station in Argentina, 1939. Source

More crowds at Waterloo Station, London, 1949. Source

Actress Patricia Neal sits on her luggage at a Chicago train station, 1949. Source

A railroad station in Rome, 1951. Source

A station grand opening, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Source

The interior of Penn Station, NYC, 1935-38. How, HOW could they tear this down?? Source

Another brilliant Penn Station shot, 1943. Source

Uncaptioned. Source

The waiting room of Union Station, Chicago, 1943. Source

A ceiling of model airplanes at Chicago's Union Station, 1943. Source


Shay said...

The main waiting room at the station in Chicago still looks very much the same (no planes on the ceiling, though).

Anonymous said...

My brother suspects that the 'un-named station' to be Paddington. Hope this helps.

p.s. Marvellous blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paddington is correct.

James Clive said...

Some fantastic images from the States, England and Europe. The mystery station I also think was platform one at Paddington Station.

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