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19 April, 2012

War Posters on the Street

We've seen all kinds of wartime posters, from  "enlist now" to "buy war bonds" to "save food". However, seeing the nicely scanned image on the page is something different to seeing it in context. Today, a collection of World War Two posters where they were meant to be seen.

War Savings posters on the base of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London,. 1941. Source

A row of posters on an unknown street in Britain, 1942. Source

Children and posters advertising the War Savings Scheme, Canterbury, 1941. Source

A solider looks at a German poster promoting fuel conservation in the ruins of Kieve, 1945. Source

A woman pastes up recruitment posters, Thetford, Norfolk, WWI. Source

A Wings for Victory poster on the wall of a home being used for part-time war work, Surrey, England, 1943. Source

Dig for Victory poster on the Royal Exchange building, London, 1940. Source

A bin for collecting kitchen scraps to feed to pigs, adorned with related poster, 1941. Source

Dig For Victory and Buy War Bonds posters on Marble Arch, London, 1940. Source

Posters on the High Street in Coventry, with the tower of the bombed-out cathedral prominent, 1944. Source

Long posters encouraging war work, 1941. Source

A woman applying for a temporary war work job at a local employment office, with posters filling the wall behind. Source

Soldiers and a woman look at posters encouraging support of Russia. Source

War Savings posters on the sandbagged statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, London, 1941. Source

A National War Savings poster on the West Gate in Canterbury, 1941. Source

A VD poster (this one) in Westminster, London, 1943. Source


Grace|labor posters said...

Color makes each photograph perfect. It makes things lovely in ways one can never imagine. In fact, photos, tarpaulins and even posters would be lifeless without colors.

Unknown said...

This is just immense... Thanks so much for sharing!

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