History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

05 April, 2012

Tunisia by Photochrom

More photochroms! Tunisia, this time, 1890s.

A mosque in the main street, Kairwan. Source

A crowd gathered around a snake charmer, Tunis. Source

Museum garden in Carthage. Source

Tombs and a view of Goletta, Carthage. Source

Outside a Moorish cafe, Tunis. Source

Souc-el-Trouk, Tunis. Source

Tresure Street, Tunis. Source

Sadiky Hospital, Tunis. Source

Men in Tunis. Source

Another view of the museum garden at Carthage. Source

The private drawing room in Kasr-el-Said. Source

Marr Street, Tunis. Source

A view from the minaret of the Great Mosque, Kairwan. Source

Mahomedia, the "lost town", Tunis. Source

Bab Suika-Suker Square, Tunis. Source

Mosque of St. Catherine [that's the caption!], Tunis. Source

Couscous sellers and a cafe, Tunis. Source

A view of Tunis from the Paris Hotel. Source

Another view of the private drawing room in Kasr-el-Said. Source

A nomadic group near Tunis. Source

A procession in Kairwan. Source

A street in Kairwan. Source

Men leaving the mosque, Tunis. Source

Kabah market, Tunis. Source


Ana said...

Thank you for always fully captioning the images themselves - if I save them with the original name I don't later have the "What is this 'jc06' photo? What is it showing? What year is it?" experience while going through my image folder :D .

Anna said...

Ha, awesome! I like to have that context too. Though sometimes, if they're all the same place/year/subject/source, I'm lazy. :P

James said...

I have a recommendation for you! You're missing the best photo taken from after World War Two. You must look up a photo from the Australian War Memorial. It's a photo of an Australian soldier arriving in Sydney, meeting his girlfriend on arrival. It is dated 1946. And is referenced as "AWM 125153", the link is https://cas.awm.gov.au/item/125153

The quality is not as good on that site though, I've seen a larger photo and it is incredible.

Ana said...

Haven't run into a single 'lazy' moment yet :D .

Anna said...

Thanks so much, lovely photo, I'll include that in my next wartime love post! :)

(and oh, you'll run into some :) ).

world war 2 posters said...

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