History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

30 April, 2012

South Pacific

Life at an American base on Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands, 1944. Just like the musical...

The American base on the atholl. Source

Servicemen chatting. Source

Ground crew working on a bomber. Source

Servicemen in front of a photo processing lab. Source

A view of the airstrip. Source

A plane taking off from the airstrip. Source

Servicemen gathering lumber. Source

Drinks in the officer's club. Source

Servicemen getting medals at an airstrip ceremony. Source

Servicemen in the library hut. Source

The island barbershop. Source

Sailors talk to local women. Source

Troops playing softball. Source

Cranes at work on the base. Source

Soldiers working on the makeshift harbour. Source

Servicewomen and a plane. Source

A makeshift shower (good for washing men out of your hair). Source

Native women giggling as they perform a dance. Source

Servicemen and women on a boat ride. Source

Natives carrying boxes at the base. Source

Local women being trained as nurses. Source

Native men ironing clothes. Source

A military cook. Source

Native people playing a game. Source

A soldier looking at his collection of shells. Source

A guard on duty (somehow I doubt that sign worked that well...). Source

A seabee playing the trumpet in an impromptu concert. Source

Soldiers in a bunker. Source

Of course, despite the idyllic setting... there is a war on. Men preparing grave markers. Source

Servicemen tending to the island graveyard. Source


Unknown said...

It really is like the musical, that group of soldiers look like they are about to break out with 'there's nothing like a dame' amazing colour photos, thanks!

Not Even Past said...

This is a wonderful collection of historical photos. We've included it in this month's History Carnival, hosted at our website, Not Even Past. Take a look:

Anna said...

Thank you! They were an exciting find!

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