History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

24 April, 2012

Reading the Papers

All kinds of papers, all kinds of time periods, all kinds of places.

A sheep ranch overseer reading a paper, Australia, 1915. Source

Women reading a paper in the Congressional Library's Reading Room, Washington, DC, 1941. Source

Senator Robert F. Wagner reading a paper, US, 1939. Source

Troops read copies of the Army newspaper Blighty outside their dugouts, France, 1939. Source

British troops read a paper in their jeep, Italy, 1943. Source

A "typical English Londoner" reading a paper on the street, London, 1941. Source

Nuns reading about the death of Pope Pius XII, Rome, 1958. Source

A Scottish sergeant reads a copy of a Strirling newspaper, Germany, 1945. Source

A watchman at the Smithsonian reads a paper, Washington, DC, 1935. Source

Reading the paper, smoking, and drinking tea on a camp trip, Sweden, early 20th C. Source

RAF men reccently arrived in Hong Kong show a local boy a British newspaper, 1945-46. Source

An American infantry company reads papers during the Spanish-American War, 1898. Source

JFK reading a paper in the White House, 1961. Source

Portrait of a man reading a paper, c. 1910. Source

A man reading a paper showing a before and after picture of Alfred Hitchcock, Hollywood, 1943. Source

Gandhi reading a paper, India, 1946 (by Margaret Bourke-White). Source

A man poses reading a paper, Galway, Ireland, 1866. Source

Doctors at the American hospital in London read a paper outside, 1941. Source

A French woman reading a paper, Paris, 1959. Source

British and American troops follow the progress of the war in the Daily Mail, WWI. Source

A woman reading a paper, 1908. Source

A woman reading a paper with a chocolate shake, US, 1940. Source

Baseball player Billy Joe Davidson reading a paper in the dugout before a game, 1951. Source

A man in a fedora reading the paper, 1958. Source

Recently released Scottish POWs read the first British papers they've seen for the three years of their captivity. Source

Women reading papers while waiting in line for the Boston Symphony Orchestra matinee, 1944. Source


Helena Drive said...

God, I love this post!
Ps: I'm stdying journalism lol

Dorai said...

I love it too. It reminds me of lots of things but mostly my grandpa's only source of relaxation. He used to sit (after finishing his morning tutoring) and read a paper end to end.

I find the culture of reading papers, fascinating. It is a morning ritual for many Indians (especially in Chennai). Auto drivers share newspapers. I think radio killed a bit of it and the demolition is complete with the incursion of smartphones.

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