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10 April, 2012

Animal Therapy

Photos of children and animals at a hospital in Michigan that encourages therapy through animals. So wonderful, anything that can put a smile on the face of a kid in hospital is more than worthwhile!

1956, by Francis Miller for LIFE.

A nurse brings a puppy to a child. Source

A nurse helps a child cuddle a duckling in a towel. Source

Nurses help the kids bathe a baby pig. Source

A little girl looks at a pool of ducklings while receiving tests. Source

A little boy cuddles a hamster. Source

A boy feeds a-- er, coati. I'm not sure why they have one of those, but, well! The caption says 'ferret-- it's not.  Source

A group of kids watch the coati climb a high-wire. Source

A little girl pushes a rabbit in a stroller while another carries a puppy. Source

A boy in body braces feeds a baby pig. Source

A nurse holds a rabbit for a teenage girl undergoing a test. Source

Children with kittens. Source

A little girl shines a flashlight on the turtle at her beside. Source

Kids watching and feeding a pool of ducklings. Source

I think the fuzzy thing is the coati again. Source

A girl cuddles a puppy. Source

A little girl is held up to pet and feed a kitten. Source

1 comment:

Ana said...

And these put a smile on my face :) .
Aw, the poor kids were in a hospital, I hope they were all better after that,

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