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21 March, 2012

The Titillating Twenties

Slight content warning: mild partial nudity. 

If you didn't know erotic stereographs were a thing-- well, until I found these, neither did I! Beautiful and sexy photographs of beautiful and sexy women of the 1920s.

"A High Life Girl" Source

"Darling of the Gods" Source

"The Flapperette" Source

"An Irish Colleen" Source

"Highlights and Shadows" Source

"Naughty Nancy". Source

"Oh Kay" Source

"Lovely Lady" Source

"Pretty and Peppy" Source

"The Clinging Vine" Source

"She's Got 'It' " Source

"The Cabaret Girl" Source

"She's my Baby" Source

"The Flapperette" Source

"The Sheik's Daughter" Source

"Lady of the Night" Source

"The Spade Girl". Source

"Time to Retire" Source

"The Girl in the Moon" Source

"The Palmetto Girl" Source

"The Heartbreaker" Source

"The Morning After the Night Before" Source

"She's Got 'It' " Source

"The Birth of a Pearl" Source

"Miss Frigidaire" Source

"Miss Frigidaire" II Source

"A Galaxy of Art" Source

"A Sporting Venus" Source

"A Girl in Arms". Source

"A Little Devil" Source

"Garden of Loveliness" Source

"Lady of the Night" Source

"Highlights and Shadows" Source

"She's Got 'It' " Source

"The Song of India" Source

"The Primadonna" Source

"Lady of the Night" Source

"The Flapperette" Source


Ana said...

This is such a beautiful collection, it needs a place among the most popular posts :D .

Anna said...

Thank you, yes, I agree!! One of my very favourites, I love these pictures.

Ana said...

I know I have already commented on this post, but I just wanted to say that I just keep coming back to it - wonderful!

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