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04 March, 2012

Cat Testing

Ah, yes, the random things you find browsing the LIFE archives. What on earth was going on in these photo was a mystery to me until I discovered you can get the entire LIFE archive on Google Books, which is amazing. I still don't quite know what's going on, but I have a slight bit of context!

Interestingly, these are from the December 1, 1941 issue; fascinating and somewhat unnerving to read in light of what was about to happen.

Cats run into the testing room. Source

In this experiment, the cats undo their cages (with food as a motivator) and the scientists observes how the interact when they come out. Source

Sometimes they share the food; these ones aren't gonna! Source

In this one, the cats have to work together to pull the strings and get the food. Source

Cat close-up. Source

Cage undoing. Source

Anything for food. Source

Then of course there's the classic, put a kitten in a maze test. Source

Worthwhile research indeed! Source


Maša said...

awww, who could resist kitten in a maze? :)

Anonymous said...

how do you keep a cat in a maze? ours would just jump out of the box! :-)

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