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27 February, 2012

Teenage Girls of the 1940s

We had a glimpse of teenage boys in the 1940s; don't worry, there were girls too!

St. Louis, Missouri, 1944. By Nina Leen.

Teenage girls in blue jeans drink Coke and hang out. Source

Homework while listening to the radio. Source

The standard outfit for school, a skirt and sweater. Source

The usual after-school outfit, men's jeans and shirt (and cigarette!). Source

A girl getting these clothes from her brother. Source

Man's pajamas and hair rags. Source

Two girls have a sleepover. Source

Teenagers listen to records at the record store. Source

Socializing. Source

Homework on the bed to a stuffed animal audience. Source

A girl reading to the boys she's babysitting. Source

Bed-making. Source

A girl showing off a sweater that is far too tight for polite company. Source

Using nail polish to hold up socks, apparently. Source

Talking on the phone. Source

Still talking. Source

Are you still talking?? Source

Give me the phone! Source

Aghghhh! Phone wars! Source

Cruising with the boys. Source

Of course, even back then teens had to get old, crappy cars. Source

At the movie with a boy. Source

1 comment:

SunRise said...

The girl in jeans is NOT holding a CIGARETTE. It is a PENCIL --- from the earlier "homework" photo. If you enlarge the image --- or, better still, go to the "source" link (Life magazine) and enlarge that image (it is already larger, so its blowup will be clearer), you can see the point of the pencil beyond her fingertips and the eraser towards her palm.

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