History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

18 February, 2012

Spring Training

As I've noted before, baseball isn't quite my thing... but as I've also noted before, I take requests! So, for my dad, and in honour of baseball (already!) starting again... spring training in former days!

Players running during Dodgers spring training, 1948. Source

Red Sox players Bob Porterfield and Mickey Vernon do sprints, 1956. Source

Sliding drill (Dodgers), 1948. Source

Professional Tee-ball! (or, a Dodger practing with a batting tee), 1948. Source

Dodgers buying gloves, 1948. Source

Red Sox player Ted Williams stretching, 1956. Source

More sliding drills! 1948. Source

Red Sox at spring training in Arizona, 1912. Source

Um, some wrestling (Brooklyn Dodgers Peewee Reese and Fred Fitzsimmons), 1942. Source

Practice talking to the young fans (St. Louis Browns) 1952. Source

The Circus baseball move (Brooklyn Dodger Ed Albosta), 1942. Source

And a bit more base sliding (this looks fun). Source

The Washington Senators practice watching from the dugout. Source

Washington Senators, undated (40s/50s). Source

Getting awfully friendly... Source

Bill (Moose) Skowren being silly for the camera, 1961. Source

Practice talking to teammates (Washington Senators), undated. Source

Batting practice during spring training in Havana, Cuba, 1942. Source

Albie Pearson, I think? Source

A fantastic shot of Brooklyn Dodger rookies doing deep knee-bends at spring training camp, 1948. Source

Yogi Berra being silly for the camera, 1961. Source

Yankee Art Schult in the field at spring training, 1953. Source

New York Yankee Mickey Mantle, 1961. Source

Red Sox players Jack Jensen, Ted Williams, and Jim Piersall, 1956. Source

(Rather striking) New York Yankee Jerry Coleman in the locker room at spring training, 1952 (he went to service in Korea later that  year). Source

New York Yankee Billy Martin on the spring training field. Source

Millions of Dodger rookies, 1948. Source

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Anonymous said...

great blog! nice timing as we head into a new baseball season. thanks for thinking of us baseball fans!

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