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22 February, 2012

Soldiers Sleeping

One of my (and your) favourite posts is soldiers sleeping in World War One; today, more of these touching wartime moments of peace.

Paul Schutzer, LIFE © Time Inc.

Exhausted American Marines sleep in a train after intense fighting in the Vietnam War, 1965. Source

 © IWM (NA 1326)

British troops sleep in a trench in Tunisia, c. 1942. Source

© IWM (A 4207)

A gun crew aboard a battleship catch some sleep while they can, WWII. Source

George Strock, LIFE © Time Inc.

Soldiers sleep in a crowded bunker [as noted by the caption; it looks more like the back of a truck], Texas, 1941. Source

© IWM (Q 2997)

Two British artillery men sleep on a limber in France, near Ypes, 1917. Source

George Silk, LIFE © Time Inc.

American soldiers sleep in a dugout during a lull in the fighting, Anzio, Italy, 1944. Source

Margaret Bourke-White, LIFE © Time Inc.

B-17 bomber crewmen catch some sleep before receiving the day's orders, England, 1942. Source

© IWM (B 14958)

A British soldier sleeps in a foxhole in Germany, 1945. Source

Carl Mydans, LIFE LIFE © Time Inc.

Finnish soldiers sleep during a break in the Russo-Finnish war, 1940. Source

© IWM (F 4580)

A British scout car driver sleeps in his vehicle in France, 1940. Source

LIFE © Time Inc.

Two sleeping Marines share their foxhole with a Okinawan boy, Ryukyu Islands, 1945. Source

© IWM (A 2126)

Stokers nap in between watches on a battleship, 1940. Source

© IWM (C 342)

RAF airmen sleep in their billet in France, c. 1940. Source

© IWM (A 437)

A British sailor sleeps by the ship's wheel, WWII. Source

Carl Mydans, LIFE © Time Inc.

American soldier sleeps on rocks during the advance towards Rome, 1944. Source

John Dominis, LIFE LIFE © Time Inc.

US Marines sleep after a meal, Thailand, 1961. Source

Carl Mydans, LIFE © Time Inc.

A soldier sleeps on a break from action in the fight for Southern France, 1944. Source


Unknown said...

Amazing collection of pics. Thanks. Startling for me how they easily could have been corpses, so at rest they seem given the impossible circumstances you know soldiers were/are in. the @feefifofunfaery

Shay said...

Wonderful photos. I'm pretty sure the men in the fourth photo are in the back of a truck, however. The wooden slatted sides and the tape stretched across the foreground would indicate this.

Anna said...

Thank you for the comments! I agree, sometimes the caption is the only way you know they're just sleeping. I can imagine they were just exhausted.

You're right, Shay, it does look more like a truck, doesn't it? I took 'bunker' from the caption, but I've seen incorrect captions before! I added in a note, thank you!

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