History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

05 February, 2012

On the Slopes

Pictures of people skiing!

Skiers at Mount Kosciusko, Australia c. 1926. Source

Skiers on Table mountain, Washington State, undated. Source

Skiers on Mt. Baker, Washington. Source

Teenage boys skiing in Lakeville, Connecticut, US, 1954. Source

A man skiing in Mt. Rainier Park, Washington, US, c. 1907. Source

Women skiing in Scenic, Washington, c. 1928. Source

Children skiing in the streets, Moscow, 1959. Source

An ex-GI skiing with his German fiancee, Germany, 1947. Source

Skiers on a mountain in Iran, 1951. Source

Skiers in the Cascade Mountains, Washington. Source

Five women with skis, Leavenworth, Washington, c. 1930. Source

And three men on the ski slope, Leavenworth, Washington, 1930. Source

Er... skiers with parasols at the top of Mt. St. Helen's, Washington, undated. Source

More Washington women with skis, Scenic, 1928. Source

Little boy skiing in Tirol, Italy, undated. Source

A kiss on skis, 1942. Source

A beautiful undated photo of a cross-country skier. Source

Skiing at Lake Placid, US, 1944. Source

Skiing at Le Manitou, Quebec, 1905. Source

Skiing at Kosciuszko, New South Wales, Australia, 1930s. Source

An undated, rather miserable-looking skier. Source

A woman with skis, c. 1930s. Source

Skiers in the Cascade mountains, Washington. Source

A break from skiing to touch up make-up, Guthega, Australia, 1930s. Source

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