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29 February, 2012

On Air

Ah, the days of radio.

Al Jolson being Al Jolson on a CBS radio broadcast, 1943. Source

Comedian Jack Benny plays his violin into the microphone on his radio show, 1944. Source

Bing Crosby does his radio show, avec pipe. Source

President Roosevelt talks about neutrality in a radio broadcast, 1939. Source

Dinah Shore and her dog take part in a radio show, 1942. Source

This one comes just with the caption "Radio". Helpful, eh? Source

Jack Benny and Jascha Heiftetz play in a broadcast for overseas troops, 1942. Source

The first, illegal broadcast of Radio Wales by Plaid Cymru, North Wales, 1959. Source

Mary Maguire being interviewed on the radio in Brisbane, Australia, 1936. Source

Recording a radio play in the Netherlands, 1949. Source

A horse in a Houston radio station, undated. Source

Flo Thompson reads fairy tales to children in a radio station studio, 1942. Source

Roving radio interviews, undated. Source

A radio play recording in Detroit, 1937. Source

Three teenage girls sing into a radio microphone, Augusta, Georgia, 1942. Source

Actress Gertrude Lawrence and her sound effects guy on stage at her radio show, 1943. Source

Larry Raine, a radio singer, undated (40s/50s). Source

Actress and singer Ethel Walters in a broadcast for men overseas, 1942. Source

Harvey Hudson (I don't know which one he is, though!) and another man, Richmond, Virginia, 1949. Source

A conductor leads his orchestra during a Sunday evening radio program, Detriot, 1945. Source

General Douglas MacArthur gives a speech after arriving back in the US, San Francisco, 1951.  Source

Comedian Jack Benny and his wife Mary Livingston perform on his radio show, 1947. Source

A local radio station broadcasts Reverend Hamilton West's sermon on a Sunday in Augusta, Georgia, 1942. Source

Radio comedian Fred Allen parodies some television acts (somehow), 1949. Source

Teenagers at the radio station listening to a show, Boston, 1955. Source

Bull bellowing into the microphone during an interview with a local farmer near Augusta, Georgia,  1942. Source

Three brothers play music for a radio station in Augusta, Georgia, 1942. Source

A fantastic shot of a radio transmitting tower, 1935, by Margaret Bourke-White. Source


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I was able to find some great photos of the cast from Green Hornet radio drama through one of your sources.

Chris Barts said...

I'm guessing Harvey Hudson was the man sitting down, based on this photo:


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