History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

14 February, 2012

In Love

Oh all right... Happy Valentines Day. ;)

A couple at a picnic, US, 1950. Source

A couple in early colour, c. 1920. Source

A teenage couple smile at each other walking from church, Atlanta, Georgia, 1948. Source

A (the same?) teenage couple kiss, Atlanta, Georgia, 1948. Source

A sailor fondles his girlfriend's pearls aboard the HMAS Australia, c. 1929. Source

A man and woman at a racecourse in Sydney, Australia, c. 1934. Source

A couple in NYC, 1946. Source

A couple walking across the Tower Bridge, London, 1939. Source

A couple in Sydney, Australia, c. 1932. Source

A couple walking hand in hand down Fifth Avenue, NYC, 1942. Source

A young couple at the Bellevue Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, 1940. Source

A couple strolling in Tokyo at night, 1959. Source

A young couple hug in the kitchen, Seattle, Washington, 1955. Source

A couple snuggling on the beach during a party, Miami, Florida, 1956. Source

A couple on their own "private island", New York, 1941. Source

A young couple in Jutland, 30s/40s. Source

An elderly couple, Australia, c. 1934. Source

A Danish couple, undated. Source

A couple strolling on the Odeonsplatz, Germany, 1964. Source

A tinted photograph of a young couple, undated. Source

Two couples at a picnic in Sydney, Australia, 1935. Source

A couple at a pub ignoring the Berlin Wall behind them, Berlin, 1961. Source

A couple on the deck of a ship, late 20s. Source

A couple walk down a tree-lined avenue, Virginia, 1958. Source

Embrace of a couple in love, 1958. Source

A young couple, undated. Source

A couple asleep on a train, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1945. Source

A couple dancing to Benny Goodman and his orchestra at a hotel in New York, 1937. Source

A couple embrace on a street in Zurich, Switzerland, 1948. Source

A last dance at a corn husking party in Maine, 1953. Source

A couple on the golf course, North Carolina, 1958. Source

A couple walk the boardwalk at Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1952. Source

A couple of teens kiss during a game of spin the bottle, US, 1942. Source

Valentine's day, 1944. Awwwwwww. Source


Anonymous said...

these are really really lovely photos. very sweet especially on valentine's day. i loved them.

Helena Drive said...

Please! This is absolutely lovely and cute and... Please! I love this.
Helena Drive

Anna said...

Thank you, I loooove them too! :)

african woman said...

I really love seeing sweet couples and I so love your photos, it is extremely amazing!

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