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17 February, 2012

Home on Leave

A series of photographs following a young sailor home on his first leave. Columbus, Montana, 1942. Photos by J. R. Eyerman.

Our sailor packing up on board his ship, with crewmates watching. Source

An enthusiastic welcome home at the airport. Source

Driving with girlfriend and parents, in the days before seatbelts. Source

Our sailor shows off his new muscles to his parents. Source

Joking around on the front porch with adoring sisters. Source

Waking up in his own bed. Source

A visit to the grandparents. Source

Our sailor with his father and grandfather. Source

A luncheon held in his honour by the Columbus Civic Club. Source

Hanging out with friends (on the front porch, of course). Source

Playing in the water with girlfriend and friends. Source

Hanging out at the soda shop. Source

Visiting high school coaches. Source

Walking the dog. [if those place names mean anything to anyone, do let me know, I'd love to know where this is!]. Source

Mailing a letter (why this mailbox, who knows). Source

Helping with some machinery. Source

Hanging out with shaving friends (why not). Source

A bit of fishing (Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River", anyone?). Source

Quiet time with the girlfriend and radio. Source

Bugging mom and sis in the kitchen. Source

Buying movie tickets for a Yank in the RAF. Source

Dancing with the girlfriend. Source

And time in a dark car with the girlfriend... (I assume the photographer left for a bit after this ;) ). Source

Goodbyes at the end of leave. (let's hope he came home again). Source


Anonymous said...

Great series of pics. Using Google maps I calculate that the picture with the city distances on the sign was most likely was taken in or near Columbus MT

Anna said...

Terrific, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Loved it all, thank you ! Also, Absarokee is in the great state of Montana :)

Anna said...

Thank you! I'm not sure now why didn't just google that, but the information is great to have! :)

Alohajon said...

February 2012 Home on Leave asks where is this picture of a sign of several towns, and it is in Montana, north of Custer Gallatin National Forest, between Billings and Bozeman, but to the south of them. Is northeast of Yellowstone National Park.

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