History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

05 January, 2012

Norway by Photochrom

A photochrom, in brief, is essentially a photographic print crossed with a lithograph-- to hear the full story, the Library of Congress has an excellent explanation. These were mass-produced as prints well before the development of colour photography. Scenic views for tourists were especially popular, and the Library of Congress has thousands, from diverse countries. Many photochrom tours to come--but today, the beauty of Norway, 1890!

From Vikinghaug, Odde, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Stalheim Hotel and Naerodalen, Hardanger Fjord. Source

A wooden stave church in Bergen. Source

Bondhus glacier and lake, Hardanger Fjord, Handanger. Source

Folgefond Glacier, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Fossestuen Hotel, Trondhjem. Source

Eide Skjervefos, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Framnaes Hotel and Opheim Lake, Hardanger Fjord. Source

From St. Hanshaugen, Hammerfest. Source

Vossevangen, Hardanger Fjord. Source

General view towards Merok, Geiranger Fjord. Source

A view of Ă…lesund. Source

Hornindalsrokken, Geiranger Fjord. Source

Loen, Kjendalskronebrae, Nordfjord. Source

Mundal, Fjaerland, Sognefjord. Source

A girl of Voss, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Norwegian carriage, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Midnight sun in Advent Bay, Spitzbergen. Source

Raftsund, Lofoten, Digermulen. Source

Skjeggedalsfos, I, Odde, Hardanger Fjord. Source

The road from Eide to Voss, Hardanger Fjord. Source

Tinnoset, Telemarken (i.e, Telemark). Source

Troldfjord, Raftsund, Lofoten. Source

Kongen og Dronningen, Bispen. Source

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Great shots. I want to go to Norway! These are really neat. Please post more!

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