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08 January, 2012

Mystery Mountaineering

In perusing the Life photo archives, I've discovered that even the mighty Life magazine sometimes ends up with photographs missing information and context. Without knowing everything that goes on behind the scene in the Life archives (yet! haha), it seems they put these into thematic groups and share them anyway. The result is lots of really awesome photographs without dates or places. It's a shame not to have any further information on the images, but wonderful to get to see them nonetheless.

Today's selection from Life's Mystery Photograph Collections is on the theme "Mountaineering and Climbing", one of my many amateur interests. I believe the majority of these are from c.1910-1930, from the clothing and equipment. If anyone has any better/more qualified guesses, please do share. Also, if anyone can identify any of the mountain ranges, I would welcome that as well!

I imagine this is England or Wales. Source

Her (very cute) hair and make-up puts this in the 20s. Source

I'm pretty sure this is England or Wales. Source

20s/early 30s. Source

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Anonymous said...

cool shots!

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