History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

26 January, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Australia is apparently the number 4 country for views of this blog, so how could I not celebrate their national holiday? Plus, of course, Aussies are awesome! :)

Australia Day float, Brisbane, 1947. Source

Tea float, Sydney, 1938. Source

Australia Day picnic, Brisbane, 1908. Source

Aerial view of Sydney at the opening of the Harbour Bridge, 1932. Source

The Sydney Harbour Bridge mid-construction, 1930. Source

Construction of St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, 1920s. Source

Angel Place in the rain, Sydney, 1930s. Source

Car being driven down the steps of Sydney Town Hall, 1920s... just because? Source

Collins Street, Melbourne. Source

Blue Mountains scenery, c. 1900. Source

A lookout in the Blue Mountains, c. 1900. Source

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, c. 1900. Source

A lookout near Wentworth Falls, c. 1900. Source

The beautifully named Bridal Falls, c. 1900. Source

Refugee Bay, Hawksbury River, New South Wales. Source

Rising mists, Govett's Leap, New South Wales, c. 1900. Source

Forest in Victoria. Source

Source [this and the next few (with one exception) are LIFE 'mystery photographs' without dates or specific locations; just Central Australia]

Fresh milk for a wallaby, Queensland. Source

A group of Aboriginals on the Murray River, South Australia, 1886. Source

A line of kookaburras, c.1900. Source

Woman in an Australian flag, c. 1920. Source


Anonymous said...

neat! Australians are cool!

A24-45 said...

Great pics!
As an Aussie, I would say the unnamed view of a distant range of hills is Mt Sonder, in the Macdonnell Ranges outside of Alice Springs (in Central Australia). The river shown is possibly the Finke. See current pic below:
The pic of large boulders is The Devil's Marbles, c. 500km north of Alice Springs near Tennant Creek(see pic below). The railway reached Alice Springs in 1929, but I don't know if Tennant creek was connected at the time of this pic; so it's possible that the photographer went there by car along the dirt road.The car is very wisely loaded with jerrycans of extra water and fuel.

Anna said...

Thanks so much for that! It's always great to connect to people who can help fill in details. It's especially interesting to know that there's a good chance the boulders and the car pics are related, if the spot was only accessible by road at the time (the photographs have no date, but the clothing and car look pre-1929 to me). I'll add that information to the post, thanks again!

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