History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

18 January, 2012


I think it's time for a drink.

LIFE archives © Time Inc.

Two women in high fashion drinking outdoors (very naughty for the time!), UK. 1934. Source

William Vandivert, LIFE  © Time Inc.

Sailors drinking with girls at the local pub, UK, 1940. Source

Gordon Parks, LIFE © Time Inc.

Actress Shelley Winters having a beer with miners, US, 1950. Source

Thomas D. Mcavoy, LIFE © Time Inc.

A French man drinking a glass of wine, France, 1952. Source

Larry Burrows, LIFE © Time Inc.

Men and women drinking beer on the street in Durham, England, 1949. Source

Ed Clark, LIFE © Time Inc.

Men drinking on the street on a lunch break, NYC, 1946. Source

US National Archives

A cat sips the beer of a sleeping man at a downtown bar in NYC, 1947. Source

Hans Wild, LIFE © Time Inc.

Soldiers, sailors, and women war workers having a beer together, UK, 1939. Source

Bernard Hoffman, LIFE © Time Inc.

College students drinking punch at the Minot Fraternity Dance, North Dakota, US, 1941. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

Drinking beer at an inner tube floating party, Wisconsin, US, 1941. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

University students drinking a toast at the start of a celebration, Prague, 1947. Source

Frank Scherschel © Time Inc.

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany, 1955. Source

George Silk, LIFE © Time Inc.

American soldiers drinking champagne to the accompaniment of a strolling violinist at a basement nightclub in Brussels, Belgium, 1945. Source

Margaret Bourke-White, LIFE © Time Inc.

Airmen of the 8th Air Force Bomber Command drinking scotch and soda as they relax during off time at the aerodrome, UK, 1942. Source

Nationaal Archief

An automatic liquor machine (!), Germany, 1931. Source

J. R. Eyerman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Newly released prisoners of war relaxing and drinking beer on the Tokyo Express, Japan, 1947. Source

Gordon Coster, LIFE © Time Inc.

Exuberant drinking on the street during the V-J Day celebrations in Chicago, 1945. Source

Museum of Hartlepool

One man pouring beer into another's glass outside the brew house, UK, undated. Source

Mark Kauffman, LIFE © Time Inc.

Anglican priest drinking in a pub, London, UK, 1949. Source

Ed Clark, LIFE © Time Inc.

Students drinking in the fraternity kitchen, US, 1948. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

A model drinking champagne, Dallas, 1939. Source

William Vandivert, LIFE © Time Inc.

A young woman drinking the remaining champagne at a party, UK, 1939. Source

Dmitri Kessel, LIFE © Time Inc.

A group sipping drinks at a sidewalk cafe, Paris, 1949. Source

State Library of New South Wales

A few too many. Australia, 1930s. Source

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