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04 January, 2012

Airshows with London Transport

Today, London Transport suggests we take in an air show! From 1908 through the 20s and 30s Hendon Aerodrome was the place to go, situated a few miles outside London's northwest city limit at the time (the area is well inside London's suburbs now). From World War Two onwards activity at the aerodrome declined and it was closed in 1968; however, the RAF museum still lives there, if these posters inspire a visit. Art Deco biplanes certainly tempt me...

Poster by Charles E. Turner, 1924. Source

Very early flying planes at Hendon--1913! Poster by Tony Sarg. Source

Another early advertisement for the fun of aeroplanes, 1914. Also by Tony Sarg. Source

Poster by Henry Perry, 1931. Source

Poster by Charles Burton, 1930. Source

Poster by Charles E. Turner, 1925. Source

Poster by Charles E. Turner, 1928. Source

All right, this one is slightly frightening, especially in light of later events in London... Poster by Andre Eduoard Marty, 1933. Source

Poster by Zero, 1935. Source

Poster by Edward Albert Halliwell, 1929. Source

Poster by Dora M. Batty, 1932. Source

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