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08 December, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Time for something lighter! It's Christmastime... and also my birthday, today. :) So how about getting into the spirit by getting a tree? Or a few? 

Robert W. Kelley, LIFE © Time Inc.

Bringing home Christmas trees on sleds, Columbia Falls, Montana, USA, 1961. Source

Nationaal Archief

Careful!! Amsterdam, 1963. Source

Nationaal Archief

Kids and Christmas tree in a stroller, Amsterdam, 1964. Source

Library of  Congress

Christmas tree market, NYC, c.1910. Source

Paul Schutzer, LIFE © Time Inc.

Kids in Berlin with Christmas tree branches, 1961. Source

Nationaal Archief

Christmas tree harvesting, the Netherlands, 1912. Source

State Library and Archives of Florida

Parlour decorated for Christmas, Tampa, Florida, 1895. Source

Smithsonian Institution

USA, 1950. Source

Library of Congress

Very blown out lights on a parlour Christmas tree, c. 1910. Source

State Library of New South Wales

The Christmas tree of Mrs. OE Friend, Australia, 1939. Source

State Library of Queensland

Christmas morning, Queensland, Australia, c.1935. Source

LIFE archives © Time Inc.

Kids around the tree on Christmas morning, 1900, UK. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

52nd St. with Christmas tree, NYC, undated. Source

Nina Leen, LIFE © Time Inc.

Another view of the 52nd Christmas tree, NYC. Source

Leonard Mccombe, LIFE © Time Inc.

The tree at Luchow's, a high-class restaurant in NYC, 1962. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

Rockefeller Centre tree at night, NYC, 1952. Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc. 

Rockefeller Centre tree, NYC, undated (an example of the instability of colour prints).  Source

Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE © Time Inc.

And... lit up! Source

John Loengard, LIFE © Time Inc.

Getting ready for the White House tree lighting, 1962. Source

John Loengard, LIFE © Time Inc.

President tree-lighting ceremony, Washington DC, 1962. Source

National Archives UK

The first Norweigen Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, London, 1947. Every year since Norway has sent a tree in thanks for the UK's support for the country during WW2. Source

US National Archives

Christmas tree in the mess hall for the children at the Amache Relocation Centre, Colorado, 1943-- sad as it is that these kids had to spend Christmas in a relocation centre (!), it is nice to hear that churches all over the country sent presents to the relocation centres for the children at Christmas. Source

State Library and Archives Florida

And even an underwater Christmas tree. Florida, 1948. Source

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Florida to have an underwater christmas tree! Nice collection of photos. They bring back memories of times past.

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