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18 December, 2011

Christmas Shoplifting

It's the time of year for lots of Christmas shopping... which may also mean lots of Christmas shoplifting! In today's post we have a series done by Life magazine in 1967, demonstrating all the ways this can be done. So, retail workers... watch out!

The main floor of Alexander's Department store at Christmastime, a sitting target. NYC, 1967 (same date and location for all the following). Source

The technique of slipping an item into a box. Source

Shoving stuff into your belt, under an open coat. Source

The technique of slipping items under your dress (classy). Source

Stuffing items under the dress. Source

Slipping jewellery into a coat with cutout pockets. Source

Slipping items into a cut-out book. Source

Slipping jewellery into cutout pockets. Source

Items under the dress [apparently this is the only way women do it]. Source

Slipping an item into a newspaper [I'm clearly of my generation, because I can't tell what those are, if not DVDs!]. Source

And, even if you manage to catch all this... there's still the post-shopper cleanup! Macy's, NYC, 1948. Source

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