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13 December, 2011

Christmas Dinner at the Front

Part two of our Christmases at war! Christmas celebrations were, of course, good for morale-- especially, as the smiles in these photographs show, the parts with food and drink. 

© IWM (B 13093)

Chickens for Christmas dinner, Holland, 1944. Source

© IWM (NA 20692)

Gunners with geese and turkeys for the Christmas pot, Italy, 1944. Source

 © IWM (B 13038)

And, geese for Christmas dinner, Germany, 1944. Source

Ralph Morse, LIFE © Time Inc.

Soldiers preparing Christmas dinner, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1942. Source

Ralph Morse, LIFE © Time Inc.

And the main course. Source

Carl Mydans, LIFE © Time Inc. 

Finnish soldiers watching a woman stirring the pot for Christmas dinner, Finland, 1939. Source

 © IWM (B 13125)

British soldier peeling potatoes for Christmas dinner, Germany, 1944. Source

© IWM (A 13317)

The Brits, of course, had to have their Christmas pudding. The commander of a destroyer stirs the pudding, while the first lieutenant adds rum, 1942. Source

© IWM (E 20598)

Scots preparing Christmas pudding in the Western Sahara, 1942. Source

© IWM (B 13036)

Announcing the Christmas pudding is ready, the Netherlands, 1944. Source

© IWM (TR 2566)

British soldiers unpacking a Christmas parcel, complete with pudding, the Netherlands, 1944. Source

© IWM (TR 2566)

Passing the pudding. Source

Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries

Christmas dinner in Naples, 1944. Source

National Library of Scotland

Christmas dinner in the trenches, WWI. Source

LIFE © Time Inc.

Christmas dinner in a smaller trench, with Christmas cards propped alongside. Source

© IWM (O 2297)

Christmas drinks at the very least! British and French troops sharing Christmas drinks in France, 1939. Source

© IWM (SE 2747)

Christmas drinks in Burma, 1944. Source

 © IWM (NA 10138)

British soldiers celebrating Christmas in Italy, 1943. My favourite part of this image is the man in the top left balancing an orange on the head of his friend as he gets a drink. Source

National Library of Scotland

Soldiers toasting the King's health, WWI. Source

State Library of Queensland

Aussie soldiers and their Christmas drinks, New Guinea, WWII. Source


Anonymous said...

Thanks whenever this was but I need to know if there was Christmas dinner for the jews who were sent tot the concentration camp and if there was Christmas dinner I need to know what it was.
If this can be answered I will love you forever XXX. :-)

Anonymous said...

I meant whoever this was

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