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18 November, 2011

Animals at Sea Part Two

Another set of wonderful photographs of ship's pets and mascots!

With many, many thanks to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (UK)-- all images from their collection. 

Part One ! 

A cat of the HMAS Encounter, cozy in a gun muzzle, WWI. Source

Admiral Sir Percy Scott with Peter, the Eland [a type of antelope] mascot of the H.M.S. Good Hope, c. 1908. Source

The Captain with dog Ollie aboard the Holt Hill, c. 1910. Source

Sailors and dog of HMS Laforey, 1915-16. Source

A dog named Monarch aboard the HMS Alexandra, 1887. Source

Mongoose mascot of HMS Emerald, c. 1928. Source

Mr. P. Anderson with dog Russ aboard the Scotia, c. 1902. Source

Poodle aboard an unknown yacht, late 19th century. Source

Rex of the HMS Tiger, c. 1916. Source

Goat mascot of HMS Irresistible, early 20th C. Source

Edward, the Prince of Wales, with a dog aboard the HMS Hindustan, 1911. Source

The Master and Mates with the ship's dog, aboard the Grace Harwar, 1929. Source

A bath for ship's dog Lamps, undated. Source

The mascot of HMS Renown, c. 1941. Source

Apparently a favourite place for cats! Cats of the HMS Hawkins, 1919-21. Source


Sarah said...

you can just hear the thoughts of the sailor in charge of the goat 'Why did I have to throw snake eyes'.

I love the mongoose - obviously Rikki-Tikki-Navy......

And cats of course are born posing

Anonymous said...

i liked rex. so ugly, he's cute.

Pipi said...

The picture of the Master and his mates: The man to the left is my grandfather Ruben Mansnerus from the Åland Islands in Finland.

It was nice to find him here!


Anna said...

Pipi-- ah, that is really cool to hear! Thank you for sharing!

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