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30 September, 2011

Autumn Tints

Apologies once again for the unforeseen absence... I do promise the triumphant return of this blog very shortly!!

Today, as autumn creeps on (in some halves of the world), let's think of its glories. London Transport, in the early twentieth century, certainly celebrated the beauty of autumn, encouraging you to go out and enjoy it-- by London Transport, of course.  Some wonderful posters, thanks to the London Transport Museum.

Poster by Dora M Batty, 1927. Source

Poster by Walter E. Spradbery, 1924. Source

Poster by Miss Pressland, 1913. Source

Poster by Miss Pressland (apparently she doesn't have a first name), 1913. Source

Poster by Walter E Spradbery, 1934. Source

Edward McKnight Kauffer-- this poster is from 1955, the artwork from an earlier, 1938 poster. Source

Poster by Walter E Spradbery, 1936. Source

Poster by Frank Newbold, 1922. Source

Poster by Leslie R Porter, 1925. Source

Poster by Dora M. Batty, 1926. Source

Poster by Walter E Spradbery, 1936. Source

All right, this isn't vintage at all--1993-- but I was terribly amused to learn this is an issue at all! Source

Poster by Nari Madon, 1964. Source

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Anonymous said...

wow. these posters are great!

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