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08 June, 2011

The Wonder of Alfred Eisenstaedt

I can't say enough about the photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. I would count so many of his photographs among the best ever taken-- and on so many subjects. He is rightly renowned as a photojournalist, capturing just the right moments-- that famous photo of the sailor kissing a girl on VJ day (see this post) is his, as are this set of wartime goodbyes at Penn Station. But he is also a master of architectural photography both the simple and the abstract, of compositions, of moments glimpsed, of masterful portraiture. He worked for much of his career for LIFE magazine, and so many of his best photographs are a part of their archive (which I've praised before!). 

But, enough talking. We'll explore more of his work, but here are just a few examples of the variety and genius of Alfred Eisenstaedt. 

Monks walking along the river Arno, Florence, Italy, 1935. Source

Detail of the food building at the World's Fair in New York, 1939. Source

Parisian children on a merry-go-round, 1963. Source

Italian officer on a sled in the Italian Alps, 1934. Source

A speeding steam train, Georgia USA, 1938. Source

The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, 1983. Source

An illuminated St. Peter's Bascilia in the Vatican, 1934. Source

Another building detail from the 1939 World's Fair, NYC. Source

Frank Lloyd Wright working at his home Taliesin in Wisconsin, 1956. Source

A view of Manhatten, c. 1939. Source

Waiters learning to serve cocktails on skates at the Grand Hotel, St. Mortiz, Switzerland, 1931. Source

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, 1938. Source

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