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06 June, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I'll be the first to admit baseball isn't my thing at all, but it is one of my dad's great loves and so I thought I'd use it as a jumping off point-- and, of course, in the world of online collections there's loads that will delight and intrigue even the least sporty among us. I may in fact have to do a second baseball post at some point!

Naturally, this post is dedicated to my dad. 

Good old-fashioned Victorian baseball! (this is a stereograph view, 3-D with the appropriate viewer, hence the two images). Source

Home! (but, safe?). The All American Girls Professional Baseball League in a practice game in Florida, 1948. The players are Marg Callahan, sliding, and the catcher Vivian Kellogg. Source

Old baseball cards are a world of fun. Since shutter speeds weren't fast enough for action shots, you get these wonderful 'baseball in action' poses. I think the ball's on a string. The player is unidentified, but one of the Philadelphia Quakers. Source

And a nice 'dive to home'. Monte Ward on a baseball card, 1888. Source

A couple baseball men famous enough even I know their names. Christy Matheson ('Matty') and Ty Cobb, 1911. Source

The New York Female Giants team, 1913. 

A rather beautiful photograph of Cleveland Indian Napolean Lajoie, 1908. Source

Oh yes, stripy baseball hats of old. Ed Andrews of the Philadelphia Quakers, late 19th century. Source

Marty McHale of the Yankees, 1913. Source

And you're out! They didn't even bother to pretend it wasn't a studio in this one. Don't you love the carpet? Charlie Ferguson and Tommy McCarthy, no later than 1888 (Ferguson died in 1888 of typhoid, aged only 25). Source


dad said...

Thanks for the great photos. I loved them!

Queen Bee said...

Just found your blog while searching for old baseball pictures of John Montgomery Ward. I enjoyed reading your comments with each picture. The old "staged" baseball pictures are amusing. Your webpage looks interesting and I plan to visit again to read all of your posts.

I'm a history buff and enjoy immersing myself in the past via old newspapers. It's so much fun and addicting as well. The Library of Congress has such a treasure trove of old pictures that I'm spending too much time there also!

I look forward to checking back to see what new "old" pictures you've posted.

Anna said...

Thank you for your comments, it always means so much to me to know people enjoy these photographs as much as I do!! It is so addicting to immerse yourself in archives, I can spend hours and hours at it! I'm so glad you're liking the blog, do stay around! :)

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