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17 May, 2011

London Transport Posters in the Wild

As regular followers of this blog will have noted, I have rather a thing for London Transport posters. I love the 1920s and 30s ones especially, though that may mostly be because I've only got through those decades in their collection (and even then, only barely!). It's one thing, however, to see them as nice scanned images on a white background, and to image them in their native habitat. So, this post begins a series of 'poster spotting'! The London Transport Museum also has a vast collection of photographs, and some of these include posters.. and then since the curators there are terrific, some of those even tell you what posters they are (and sometimes even link you!). So here are a few pics from Tube stations with posters, along with the beautiful posters themselves. Don't you wish Tube stations were still full of these?

Bounds Green station (North London) 1932 Source

The posters are this wonderful series, all by Edward McKnight Kauffer. 


Leicester Square Station, 1935. Source

The posters:

Another terrific Kew one, by Kraber. Source

And another for the zoo, by Rojan. Source

To the Cinemas, by Cecil Walter Bacon. Source

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