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01 May, 2011

Flower Time

London Transport in the 1930s (perhaps later; I've not ventured farther yet!) put out loads of posters advertising the flowers of spring-- bluebells, crocuses, daffodils-- and sometimes telling you where to go to look at them (taking London Transport, of course!). Unsurprisingly they are simply beautiful, and a terrific celebration of springtime. I believe England is onto bluebell time now; here in my part of Canada, we've just started with the crocuses!

Naturally these are from the collections of the London Transport Museum; as ever with their collections, the sources come with the note that their links have a frustrating tendency to shift around!

Poster by Henry Perry, 1931. Source

Poster by Henry Perry, 1931 (I suppose this wouldn't be spring, but still, it fits doesn't it?). Source

Poster by Andrew Edouard Marty, 1933. Source

Poster by Dorothy Hutton, 1939. Source

Poster by Anna Katrina Zinkeisen, 1934. Source

Poster by Henry Perry, 1931 (this has the same little pigeon fellow as the first poster!). Source

Poster by A. A. Moore, 1932. Source

See Also (because the widget below can be a bit thick): London Transport Posters for Kew Gardens, 20s and 30s

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