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21 May, 2011

Eating Ice Cream

Again, let's celebrate the start of summer (or pretend it's the start of summer, as the case may be)-- this time, with ice cream! As these photos make clear, loving ice cream isn't confined to any time or place. 

Many of these come from the Dutch National Archives, because the Dutch clearly appreciate ice cream, and the rest are from the LIFE archives, because LIFE photographers do too. 

Children eating ice cream (the Netherlands?). Source

Woman eating a banana split, Toronto, 1952. Source

Eddie Cantor (who is awesome, by the way) having ice cream with actress Deanna Durbin, New York City, 1938. Source

Little girl with ice cream, St. Louis, Missouri, 1955. Source

Teenage couple eating an ice cream cone together, Atlantia, Georgia, 1947. 

Little boy with ice cream, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 1959. Source

Even businessmen like their ice cream. United States, 1946. Source

Man dressed as a sheik eating date ice cream during a date festival, California, 1948-- why they were having this date festival, I don't know. Source

Chatting over ice cream, London, 1930. Source

28 flavours of ice cream to chose from! USA, 1948. Source

Sometimes you have to have them all. Source

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ah... very cute. It put a smile on my face - and now I want an ice cream!

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