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08 April, 2011


Back to the Library of Congress' colour photographs from World War Two, this time focusing on the making of planes for the war effort, especially by women. Fascinating, isn't it?

Experimental scale model of B-25 bomber, with model of the type of bomb it carries. Source

I don't quite understand what she's doing, so I'll just quote the LoC on this one:
"Metal parts are placed on masonite by this woman employee before they slide under the multi-ton hydropress" Source

Working on the motor for a B-25 bomber. Source

Assembling the nose and landing gear of a B-25 bomber. Source

Oyida Peaks, a mechanic, riveting. Source

Maintenence of a PBY Catalina flying boat . Source


hart said...

very interesting. its amazing what they take photos of, and what is saved. i am glad they did though!

Anonymous said...

The last picture is not a B-25. It's a PBY Catalina flying boat.

Anna said...

Ah, thanks a lot! I've changed it. It's not my area of expertise by any means but I clearly just wasn't paying attention-- looks nothing like a B-25 really! Thanks again!

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